Recommendation Letters of Member of Parliament (MP), District Magistrate (IAS) and Superintendent of Police (IPS) is mandatory with the application.


Dedicated to India's Unsung Heroes

The Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation instituted the Bharat Gaurav Awards and the “Bharat Gaurav” Lifetime Achievement Awards in the year 2017 with a view to giving recognition and motivation to the unsung heroes across the country who are working hard for the betterment of the lives of the underprivileged. The awards are conferred by leading lights of the Indian Government every year on a grand stage in New Delhi at a gala awards ceremony. The attempt is to motivate the awardees to redouble their efforts in the service of the country, and also, by example, encourage millions of others to emulate them and do their bit to build a New India of our dreams.

The Foundation confers 21 Bharat Gaurav awards and 10 Lifetime Achievement awards every year. Over the years, our effort has received tremendous response from not just ordinary Indians, but also from the political leadership and administrative leadership of the country at the highest levels. One can imagine how motivating it would be for a hitherto unrecognized achiever to receive such recognition at the hands of such a high dignitary.

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Dedicated to India's Unsung Heroes

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The Bharat Gaurav Award Selection Committee consists of eminent personalities who have been Bharat Gaurav awardees in the past. Every 2 years, the committee chooses an....

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The selection committee of the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation is an five member committee, formed by the executive committee. The secretary of the....

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We, at the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation, are of the firm belief that it is with the efforts and dedication of talented and committed individuals across our country that we can...

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Our land is full of stellar leaders, good doers, and exemplary individuals doing incredible work and creating impact in every direction they voyage to, yet seldom are their...

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We thank our partners & sponsors for all their support in making the Bharat Gaurav Awards Ceremony a grand success. It is with the support of our esteemed partners & sponsors that we are able to move on the path of realizing our mission to build a New India of our dreams.