Our land is full of stellar leaders, good doers, and exemplary individuals doing incredible work and creating impact in every direction they voyage to, yet seldom are their examples put forward to the world to take inspiration from. With the vision to give these leaders the appreciation they deserve and set them as impeccable examples for the world to seek inspiration and hence, the idea of Bharat Gaurav Award was en-seeded. The first ever award ceremony for the prestigious Bharat Gaurav Award was held in the heart of Delhi, at Taj Palace Hotel, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi.

With an array of sterling guests, leaders from across the nation and continent, representing 17 states and 3 countries made it to the award night. Unsurprisingly, the award ceremony made it to the headlines across media houses in India. That was the day when we decided to march forward with much more passion and gusto.

The second award ceremony in the year 2019, with the growing esteem and prestige associated with the Bharat Gaurav Award, the foundation decided to move the ceremony to the Taj Palace to match its value rigour. Since then, every year a small group of rigorously selected leaders who are politicians, business heads, celebrities or, social leaders, who deserved to be recognised has been awarded with the Bharat Gaurav Award. During the 2018 award ceremony, Our General Secretary, Dr. Sandesh Yadav, took an oath on behalf of the foundation to ensure the deserved respect for the awardees and announced that thereafter, only a recipient of this award will be eligible to join the Executive Team of the Bharat Gaurav Award Committee.

Today, the Committee's President is a recipient of the Bharat Gaurav Award while the Chairman received Lifetime Achievement Award and all the other members have been honoured in some year or the other. Today many of our alumni awardees have been recognised by state sponsored Padma awards. With moving time, more and more people are joining hands with us and making the mission of the foundation stronger.