• Advisors

    The Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation carries out its activities under the guidance of renowned personalities that are associated with the foundation in the capacity of advisors. This is one way that the foundation is able to leverage the wisdom and sagacity of these personalities to streamline our activities to make them more relevant and outcome-oriented. The foundation's patrons are doyens in their field of activity and we consider ourselves fortunate that we have the benefit of their support and mentoring. The Advisors are at the forefront of all activities of the foundation and the executive committee acts as per the overall guidelines suggested by the patrons based on their wealth of experience.

    Name of Advisors | Designation
    Sh. Pratap Chandra Sarangi Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha)
    Dr. Yogendra Trivedi Director- Reliance Industries Limited
    Sh. Sanjeev Kumar MD- AWPL Group
    Justice N. K. Jain Former Chairman- NCMEI, Govt. of India
    Mahant Kalyan Das Ji Maharaj Spiritual Guru (Ayodhya)
    Padmashri Kalpana Saroj Chairman- Kamani Tubes Limited
    Sh. Atul Singh (IRS) Additional Commissioner, Govt. of India
    Dr. S. V. Sharma Former Deputy Director - ISRO, Govt. of India
  • Executive Committee

    The 11-Member Executive Committee of the Bharat Gaurav Award is tasked with carrying out the day to day activities of the Foundation in a hands-on manner. It is this committee that implements the policies and programs of the foundation. The executive committee includes a chairman, two vice-chairmen, one president, four vice-presidents, one general secretary, four joint secretaries, one treasurer and six members. The executive committee is empowered to create its sub-committees to carry out specific tasks it assigns to such sub-committees. The executive committee is the steering body of the foundation and also decides the policies and programs of the foundation. It has the responsibility to achieve the objectives of the foundation. The general secretary is the convener of the executive committee.

    Position | Name | Designation
    Chairman Vacant Vacant
    Vice Chairman Sh. Shrirang Appa Barne Member of Parliament
    Sh. Vinay Tendulkar Former Member of Parliament
    President Sh. Jyoti Kalash (IAS) Addl. Chief Secretary , Govt. of Nagaland
    Vice President Dr. Dinesh K. Jangid (IRS) Additional Commissioner, Govt. of India
    Sh. Japan Babu (ILS) Additional Legal Advisor, Govt. of India
    Dr. Hemant Tantia (IRS) Joint Commissioner, Govt. of India
    General Secretary Dr. Sandesh Yadav Member- Ministry of Civil Aviation (AAC)
    Admin Secretary Dr. Payal S. Yadav Former Member- TAC, Govt. of India
    Joint Secretary Sh. Jay Bhagwan Baghel Social Activist
    Treasurer Sh. Sandeep Kumar Social Activist
  • Selection Committee

    The selection committee of the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation is an eleven member committee, formed by the executive committee. The secretary of the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation is the convener of the selection committee. The members of the selection committee are all respected personalities of impeccable character and integrity. The selection committee is tasked with selecting the individuals and organizations to be conferred the Bharat Gaurav Awards and the Lifetime Achievement Awards given by the foundation. The selection committee, through its convener, receives all applications for the awards and takes its decisions without fear or favor.

    The committee includes eminent personalities from the fields of Education, Social Service, Sports, Journalism etc. The committee members are highly respected in their fields and are competent to search out and identify deserving talents without any discrimination or bias. The selection committee is fully competent to judge the applicants on merit and then decide the deserving ones. The decisions of the selection committee are final and binding.