The Core Team of the Bharat Gaurav Awards Foundation is devoted to the task of building a New India by scouring and recognizing the hidden talent across the country. Our team members pursue the strategy of the foundation to motivate and encourage individuals and organizations across the country making efforts to improve the lot of the underprivileged in their area.

The team thereafter gives wide publicity to the work of these achievers so that more and more people are encouraged by their success stories. This way, more and more dedicated individuals and organizations get down to the urgent task of nation building and we can quickly move towards achieving our goal of building a New India of our dreams. The core team, whose members hail from diverse fields but work in unison, is fully equipped to carry out this task and realize the mission of the foundation.

One common thread that runs through all our team members is total dedication to the task of building a New India. The Core Team realizes that while the goal is important, the means to achieve that goal are equally important. Thus, no compromises or non-transparent actions are permitted in carrying out the work of the foundation. Members of the core team also lend the support of the foundation to other social organizations as and when it is determined that their projects will further the objectives of the foundation. Such support is both organizational and in terms of funds.