Bharat Gaurav Award - Dedicated to Recognizing India's Unseen Heroes


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The foremost work of the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation is to participate in all social work of the society as well as to discover the hidden talent in the country which is deprived of its genuine honor, while stepping towards the upcoming generation of the country. Continuous execution of such work at mass level. The main purpose of this special work day is to be the heartbeat of the hearts of the people of the country. And we are providing platforms to talent with the help of various mediums! The Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation considers achievements through micro coordination and execution, we all want to share our work potential with the people and tell them about the problems that these hidden heroes of the country have faced today. There are so many things to learn, because at the point where every individual gets stuck, and by fighting such a tricky condition, and challenging all the odds of the life one hits the bulls eye and reaches the pinnacle of success in their endeavor! We respect and recognize that courageous effort of the individual for the country, society and the generations to come!

We salute such heroes by honoring them with Bharat Gaurav Award.

Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation holds special respect for talent working for "Gau Seva" and "Nation Service" and we are committed to respecting talented

personalities working for this campaign every day, along with social work in the country We salute to those talents who have devoted their whole life to the country, the brave soldiers who are encountering all the adverse condition on the borders of the country to protect us so that we are safe in our homes. We always recognize those who ignored the comfort of life for the service of the nation. We show our gratitude and respect for social platforms so that our young generation can be guided and that young energetic youth should work for the service of the nation! The person working for the service of the country is most significant participants for our foundation when it comes to recognizing the contribution of the individual.

Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation is moving forward with a goal in the country and we are continuously working to promote the country's talent! Today, most of the people of the country are busy moving ahead with the resources of wealth and power, due to which they are deprived of social functions of society, therefore our objective is to create an interest in social work among the youth of the country as we have accountability for the motherland. !

If every successful person helps a young person to move forward in his life, then a new energy will be floated in our society and it should be our moral duty to pass on that energy to the next person who will work for the betterment of our society and country.

The main goal of the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation is to give talent a special identity and respect in the country, which they deserve! While working in this campaign, we are continuously increasing the number of associates and supporters! Together we form a moral way to create value for the entire society, because there is no doubt that the main objective of many awards in many countries is to create a platform We are working in a special campaign to create a world-class platform separately from all the forums and our efforts are proving to be effective! We want to ignite a social activist and accountability fire in the hearts of all, because in this materialistic world, every person has learned to live for the development of the country with the development of itself!