Bharat Gaurav Award - Dedicated to Recognizing India's Unseen Heroes
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Ships are safe at the harbor - but does it mean that the ship should always stay at the harbor! Whenever a journey starts on the earth, it always begins with a person, if every person thinks that he or she will be the last person, then the existence of life and our work habits will merely survive and what we will be able to do is to stand at one place!

There is always a pain in the strategy of the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation when we try to explore new areas, sometimes things get separated from our style of work, but the blessings and guidance of God leads us to our destination which we are committed to getting and to achieve the goal for ourselves, it is our success. A sense of dedication hard work has helped us to understand the reality and there is no doubt that we have already acquired the knowledge of the paths of reaching the people and the country's unknown heroes! We are honoring the legendary heroes!

Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation was a person in the beginning and today there is a family and we are increasing this family every day! This is a platform where selected talents from artists, recipients, business professionals, politicians and individuals from other fields share their opinions on various aspects. In this creation, a new route was set for everyone to walk together in this path.

We started moving together and gave birth to new ideas! All the people in the world want to achieve fame and success and they achieve success while doing extraordinary work and this forum has been formed to honor their success!