Bharat Gaurav Award - Dedicated to Recognizing India's Unseen Heroes


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Various categories are available for application in the Bharat Gaurav Awards and there are various criteria for ensuring the award, any person working in the country, successful work of any organization, successful businessman, social worker and other talents working in other fields who believe He can apply without doubt, that he deserves the Bharat Gaurav Award in his respective field! All the applications received are kept in the Bharat Gaurav Award Committee and the committee makes final decisions for selection in the award and any kind of interference and suggestions etc. are not considered in the selection process because it is an independent family who does not compromise with any kind of country's talent! Bharat Gaurav Foundation is a respected personality community representing various facets in the country which selects talents with mutual consent so that the balanced assessment of all the talented talents can be ensured, the judges who have the vision and experience And who understand the talent's specialty, they prove to be the work of giving their genuine platform to talent in the Bharat Gaurav Award Committee!

Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation works by implementing higher level evaluation and practice in the country and operating independently! All the presentations are

evaluated by the Bharat Gaurav Award Committee and the final results are given in full form after the application process, after the overall discussion and verification, the final list of nominees will be announced. And they provide information about being selected through various mediums and make every effort to get them a special identity in the society, for which they also take the help of various social platforms because we are committed to realize talent. our main goal and objective is to provide a platform to hidden talent, so you are with us who are supporting us in this country every day to pursue this campaign! Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation, with the nomination of all talents, selects them on the basis of the letter sent by Honorable Members of Parliament, District Officer and District Police Officer And also select from among the nominations received on the basis of the discretion of the members of the committee so that the talent working in the country will not face any kind of confusion and can enroll for the Bharat Gaurav Award without any discrimination!