Bharat Gaurav Award - Dedicated to Recognizing India's Unseen Heroes

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Applications are being invited for the Bharat Gaurav Award by Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation. Bharat Gaurav Gala award is an incredible honorary ceremony in the country, for which the candidates are getting selected only on the basis of the works at various social, organizations or individual level by the recommendation letters for recognition, because we believe that all those who poses that rare talent should get respect for their special work!

The Bharat Gaurav Award is given on the basis of contributions made by you to the society, and it is done on this platform without any discrimination of religion and caste, because we see the country's talents with their work and not by their religion or by the scale of the race! Today is the time for the Indians to raise above all these things and give an incredible new society to the younger generation, not to divide it on the basis of religion and caste!

Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi is addressing the youth in this regard at different forums in the country and on the world platform so that we can help build India and Indian society without religion and caste! Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation is also working as the basis of the honorable Prime Minister's World Thinking in the country.On previous occasions we have done this work very

well and no talent was selected on the basis of religion and caste. We will continue this campaign along with you all! Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation has been set up at the national level and various parameters have been set up to ensure the fair distribution of the Bharat Gaurav Award.India is the fastest growing economy in the world with world-class infrastructure and services; we are working to make the festival universal with the cooperation of national organizations and industry in the country and respecting those people. Those who have worked for the country and have earned incredible fame in their work fields! Bharat Gaurav award, This Award is done every year at Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi at Taj Palace Hotel, and awardees are selected on the basis of applications received from all the states of India! The last date for applying for the Bharat Gaurav Award on February 28, 2019, after which any applications received, will not be considered!