Bharat Gaurav Award - Dedicated to Recognizing India's Unseen Heroes


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India has been rich in talent from the beginning of the country's land and the talents of our country have always considered themselves to be the lords of talent, for this they had to undergo any kind of difficulties and have to endure anything! How many warriors have been proud of this country like Chandrasekhar, Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru who have given the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and his life for the country. And today all of us are able to breathe in the open air due to their sacrifice and the Bharat Gaurav Award is dedicated to all these heroes of the country! In this campaign to honor the glory of India, we have been working for the past several years and we are continuously moving forward with all of you and with blessings and we are getting the support of the Government of India for this too and on the platform of the Gaurav every year, the prestigious Union Ministers of the country are getting accustomed to honoring the talents of the country!

Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation - which has been set up to provide platform to the hidden talent in the country, because today there is a time in the country where only selected talent is honored, That is, in the Indian society, equivalent to the talents employed at the incredible level, provides platform to the hidden

talents in the country So that we can finish the lines drawn in respect of respect and provide a platform to the country, all of which should be one and support each other to move forward! Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation is an equal organization in the country, the main objective of which is to provide a respected platform to the country's talent and we also work every day to find hidden talents in the country with the daily routine of our personal work, and we will continuously support this campaign with the cooperation of all of you and various social With the cooperation of the institutions are moving ahead!

In this special drive of the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation, the person working in all sections of the country is giving their support and we are today an integral family whose main purpose is to go together with the welfare schemes of the government, along with the government All the schemes being run by the people are to reach the masses and this is the blessing of all of you We have succeeded in becoming a major platform in the country in just a few years, as well as our special mission, the Honorable Prime Minister of India, the Honorable Prime Minister of India, the Union Minister of the Government of India, the various Chief Ministers and the Members of Parliament also gave their best wishes. !

Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation is registered under the National Capital Territory, Delhi Government and the Institute of Government of India is a member of the Quality Council of India (Govt. of India Autonomous Body) and is also honored with the ISO 9001 2015, along with the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation, organized by the various committees of the Government of India. Has also joined! The office bearers who have provided services to the country in this campaign of country's talent are also providing their guidance!

Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation is organizing the 'Bharat Gaurav Award annually, in which the talent being exhibited by working with passion and rigor in the country has continued to participate and that is why we are continuously working to honor outstanding works in India because Today is the time to rise above religion and caste to work for the country so that the future generations of the country can get a beautiful and well-equipped society, copy Bibes are the pride of our country and we are continuously undertaking our work to make this same glory even more wonderful!

With world class infrastructure and services, India is a fast growing country in the world and we are committed to making the world proud with the support of national organizations and corporations every year, and for the honor of those people. Are committed who have earned incredible fame for the country in the global arena!