Bharat Gaurav Award - Dedicated to Recognizing India's Unseen Heroes

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In the edition of the Bharat Gaurav, the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation has established the Bharat Gaurav Award for long and inspiring and selfless service for life, and contributing 31 people to the country service with their social contribution by the talents employed in the respective categories, is honored with the Bharat Gaurav Award annually. After the national level awards, this prize is awarded with the name of Bharat Gaurav ! The Bharat Gaurav Badge is also given to award Bharat Gaurav awardees to the prize and certificate on their coat, which can be awarded to the respected talents during special occasions! The entire list of award winners is given on the website of Bharat Gaurav Foundation after the ceremony. Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation encourages all reputable talents to write few lines of legends to individualized their identity so that their name can get special recognition in the society through foundation website!

Information received from the talents working in social service, arts and culture, national awards, science, journalism, writing, medical, cow service, nation service, bravery etc. from January 1 to 31st March each year provided to the officials of the committee. She goes ! The Bharat Gaurav Award Committee is appointed annually by the Honorary Award of the Bharat Gaurav Award, which includes Chief Conservator, Chief Advisor, Chairman, President, Vice President, Director, General Secretary, Joint Secretary etc. The Bharat Gaurav award Foundation does not use the method of rigid criteria for selection, but while selecting the participants, it considers the achievements of a person's life. The achievement of the selected person should be an element of public service as this award is given for 'special services', not only for long service! Bharat Gaurav award Foundation, also selected for the Bharat Gaurav, selected on the basis of letters sent by MP, District Officer and District Police Commissioner Also, the committee officials select talent according to their discretion, and we ensure that the genius of the prize is being given the social character is bright and not included in any kind of anti-social activity!


Bharat Gaurav Award will be provided on the basis of national and social work for the country, there should be a sense of service and respect in the work being done by you, because this award inspires people to meet the challenge for the country's service! The Bharat Gaurav Award will be provided to encourage the spirit of responsibility among the young people and to develop it at a better level! The Bharat Gaurav Award is for the person who has become a good citizen by having a career for the country service, who wants to provide a greater form to his continued personal capacity. Bharat Gaurav Award is also given to the special personality whose country has died for service, for such incredible service, awards are also given after death!


All rights reserved for Bharat Gaurav Award by Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation and it’s also secured with the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation! Any person in India is honored by the Bharat Gaurav Award and after receiving the honor, if it is found to be involved in anti-national activity, then a person will be issued a legal notice to return the Bharat Gaurav Award. At the interval of one month after receiving the notice, honor and honor certificate of the Bharat Gaurav Award should be returned with immediate effect, in the process, the Foundation does not satisfy any kind of losses and expenses! Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation does not accept any kind of invalid activity and in this entire process the foundation's legal adviser will take action! The Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation hopes that you will never do any such work, due to which you have any problems! On this occasion, the members of the family's family are invited to receive the award and the total expenditure for the entire Indian Railways sleeper class of their family is provided by the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation.


After the selection of the Bharat Gaurav, a welcome note will be issued on the basis of the full agreement of the committee! All the necessary information related to the ceremony will be received through welcome letter! The Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation will give the full details of any special talent for the cost of the train or air traffic, the cost of the hotel for one night in the capital will be provided in the welcome letter! Apart from the information provided in the welcome letter, no demand will be entertained. On behalf of the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation for the contribution of Bharat Gaurav Award ceremony, the person working in the business sector is sent to become a sponsor in the program! Through which they are called to be a sponsor in the ceremony, if you want to be a sponsor of the ceremony All processes related to it will be done by the Foundation and this process will be completely transparent, apart from this, no support is sought from the committee, nor will any such claim be considered! The Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation does not consider any kind of promise that is verbally and if any such case arises after it, any dispute will not be valid on that and if there is a dispute then in any dispute, the court room will be valid only in Delhi!


Before applying for the Bharat Gaurav Award, I am satisfied that I have read all the terms and conditions of the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation, and I have not provided any collaboration amount to the Foundation for any respect! Any kind of debate and controversy on the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation is not valid!